Dave Jackson

How long have you been riding (or have ridden), and how old are you now?  
I started riding when I was 12 years old. Riding was off and on back then, My parents really didn’t want me to ride. My Dad told me I should play tennis, something that I would be good at with one arm. I like tennis, but riding motorcycles is my favorite sport or activity. I've been riding bikes for about 35 years. I am 57 years old now.

How did you get started riding / racing? 
The neighbor kids had bikes, and a guy down the road raced motocross, so I was always asking my Dad to get me a bike. One day I was practicing riding wheelies on the road with my bicycle and dad came home with a Yamaha 60. I was the happiest kid that day!  My Dad only took me to a couple races when I was 15 and I was hooked, but he thought it was too dangerous. He took me to a National Observed Trials event and after seeing that I wanted to give that a try. I rode Trials for about 10 years, and then decided to compete at the Nationals in 1988. In 1989 I finished 3rd in the +30 class. I rode a few nationals in 1990 and then got out of that sport to water ski, another one of my favorite sports.  

How long have you been (or were) an expert? 
I never have been able to go fast enough with one arm to compete at the Expert level at Motocross. I've tried to get to that level, but could never get there. I have a lot of respect for those riders - awesome talent.

All-time favorite bike?  
My favorite bike in the 2-stroke days was a Yamaha YZ250, and my favorite 4-stroke is a 2016 Kawasaki KX450.

What was your first motorcycle?  
A Yamaha 60.

What is your favorite music? 
The new country music.

What is your favorite food? 
My favorite food is anything healthy.

How do you (or did you) train for motocross?  
Eat healthy, mountain biking, road bike riding, and the normal gym stuff. I've learned that being on the bike is the best training. You feel like you are one with the bike.

What motivates you?  
Riding is my favorite thing to do.  I also like to be in shape - I feel great after riding.

CNC machinist/tool maker.

Other interests? 
I like working on my bike, getting it working for me with one arm. I got a Trials bike last year, and I am having a lot of fun riding Trials again.

Greatest accomplishment?  
3rd in 1989 at the Nationals (observed trials) +30 class. Biggest letdown?  My ex wanting a divorce.

Any regrets?  
No not really, I've had a really good life.

Who are your heroes?  
Ricky Carmichael. 

Who is the last person who made you feel nervous?  
I get nervous talking in front of crowds, and that’s about it.

Other interests?  

Bikes I raced? 
73 TM125 Suzuki, 75 CR125 Honda, 75 MX400 Yamaha, 76 CR125 Honda, 76 Husky 360, 76 Husky 250, 77 Maico 440, 78-83 Maico 440,490, 78,81-83 Maico 250, 84,85,86 Husky CR500, 87 CR500 Honda.   

Greatest accomplishment? 1
976 WNYSC #1 Amateur (Top ten amateurs in those days got awards and number plates 11-21 for the following year), 1977 WNYSC #4 Expert, 1984 WNYSC #5 Expert, 1986 WNYSC #2 Expert, 1983 2nd Florida State Championship series 500A, Raced numerous national races at various tracks. Raced Unadilla Support Class multiple times. Raced Florida AMA Winter series multiple times. Raced at Carlsbad and Hangtown. WNYSC board member, PRA Member, and my father was a WNYSC referee a number of years.   

Biggest letdown?  
Getting old!   

Any regrets?  
Still undecided...   

Who are your heroes?  
Marty Smith, Bob Hannah, and JoJo Keller.   

What's the best part about racing motocross?  
People, community and self-accomplishment.   

What would you change about our sport/district? 
Make it safer. Less expensive.   

Who are (were) your sponsors?  
Al Gillen at Williamsville Welding.  I also received rider support (bike and parts discounts) from both Maico and Husqvarna.   

Who would you like to thank?  
My father and all that make our sport possible.   

Words of wisdom? Enjoy what you like and your time while you can.  


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